Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Northampton Airing of the Quilts

This year I was lucky enough to be working in Geraldton AND have the weekend off to attend the Northampton Airing of the Quilts 60km north of Geraldton. I was even luckier to get two quilts put in it (the top 2 pics)!

This is an annual event which attracts many people to the town. The main street is lined with quilts, the monastery is covered in them, they fill every hall and are even on display in the windows of the service station and hardware store.

I was in heaven!

Kojonup - not so wild flowers

These wildflowers were being grown at the Kojonup visitors centre. Unfortunately they were not labled. Kojonup has won a number of tourism awards for their visitors centre. The large building includes a museum of local indigenous culture.
I didn't have time to enjoy what it offered, although I did indulge in some lovely fruit scones they were selling! Yum!


SW wildflowers 2 - orchids

Above is a pink enamel orchid. This was a special find at a reserve north of Mt Barker. They are not supposed to come out til late Oct or Nov and I was there in early September! They are so vivid that I spotted them from my car!

<--possibly a Silky Blue Orchid

^ jug orchid

SW wildflowers 1

These are some of the flowers I saw on my way down to Albany. Most were at Myalup pool which is a rest stop and camping area just off the highway.
I saw at least 5 different types of orchids here!

I did try to I.D them all, but can't remember what they all were now. If anyone knows, please share!

<--flannel flower I think

<-- type of spider orchid

<--these were everywhere. 2-3cm across, 5cm off ground irridescent purple.

<-- pink china orchid perhaps

Friday, October 9, 2009

Albany 2

I was told by someone at a winery near Mt Barker that whales had been seen off Middleton Beach the previous week. I headed there also for the Ellen Cove Boardwalk which is known for its wildflowers. I didn't see any!

No whales, so I opted for the scenic drive to a few lookouts. Soon I was halted by masses of cars parked along the narrow winding road - popular lookout??? This is where the whales were!

I found a place to park and got out to find 2 whales below, 50-100m off the steap coast. Another two were further out.

I had been thinking on my way to Albany that seeing whales was one thing I really wanted to do during my life. Another had been seeing the dolphins at Monkey Mia which I got to do earlier in the year. I decided I would come back during the main whale migration season. Little did I know they can still be found down here at this time of year sheltering in the bay. What a fantastic treat!

Albany 1

I arrived in Albany late afternoon. The grey sky darkened the scenery and also my photos. The sea at Middleton beach (below) gave a hint of its brightness and magnificence, none of which came out in the pictures. This is definitely a place to visit in Summer when there is a better chance of fine weather. A bit of sun, and it would be stunning.

Amos dragged me up to the top of this lookout and memorial. He also dragged me back down, almost taking a couple of people with us!