Friday, October 9, 2009

Albany 2

I was told by someone at a winery near Mt Barker that whales had been seen off Middleton Beach the previous week. I headed there also for the Ellen Cove Boardwalk which is known for its wildflowers. I didn't see any!

No whales, so I opted for the scenic drive to a few lookouts. Soon I was halted by masses of cars parked along the narrow winding road - popular lookout??? This is where the whales were!

I found a place to park and got out to find 2 whales below, 50-100m off the steap coast. Another two were further out.

I had been thinking on my way to Albany that seeing whales was one thing I really wanted to do during my life. Another had been seeing the dolphins at Monkey Mia which I got to do earlier in the year. I decided I would come back during the main whale migration season. Little did I know they can still be found down here at this time of year sheltering in the bay. What a fantastic treat!