Friday, November 20, 2009


This is my latest completed quilt. My friend asked me to make it for her new neice. Design to completion took 3 weeks. Absolute record for me (and I started another quilt at the same time and had almost finished that quilt top!)
It probably measures about 120x80cm.
The butterflies were from some left over backing fabric I had from a quilt I made for my goddaughter. I used a trupunto method to raise them up a bit and make them puffy.

Wild November weather

After a dry start to the year, the rains came. And they came. And came some more. June, August and September had above average falls, as has November. So the farmers have a bumper crop. Unfortunately they needed it to stop raining last month in order to harvest.

They seem to get a day or two of harvest between rains and harvest bans (because of fire danger). Then they have to wait for the crops to dry before they can resume.
Storms this week have damaged crops severely in the south of the state, with heavy rainfalls and hail.

We had a taste of summer with a few days of 38 degrees at the start of the month, but things have cooled down since.