Thursday, May 27, 2010


OK, haven't been blogging for ages.

I went to Japan last month to see the cherry blossom, explore the art, history and crafts of Japan and, most importantly, to shop for fabric!

I did this and more. I drank lots of sake, explored bazaar department stores and toy shops and spent lots of time on the wam, comfy bullet trains.
I came home with about 9kg of fabric and other mementos!
Unfortunately, I didn't come back with nearly as many photos as I had taken. My brother (usually a computer wizz) busted my memory card and I lost all but 300 photos out of 1800 taken in the first week and a bit of the trip.

Anyone know how to retrieve photos from a dodgy memory card???
Here are some of the pics I took (ok, still ended up with 1000 pics)