Thursday, May 27, 2010

next home

I am on the move again, this time to Queensland! After spending most of last winter in Perth (after spending the one before in Broome) I decided I would not sit through another miserable, boring winter here. So off to the Tropics I go!

My home for the next 3 months will be Willis Island, Coral Sea. Don't bother sending mail, because I won't get it! 300km east of Cairns, there isn't much else out here! The island's population is 3 weather observers, 1 tech and thousands of birds!

Sadly I will be leaving behind my sewing machine, but I will keep myself amused with painting and some hand sewing. Oh and some drinking, snorkelling, internet, pool, dvds and studying moray eels (not by choice!)
or wait to hear the inside story when I get there next week!