Thursday, August 28, 2008

Broome Airport - unique or strange?

When I first arrived in Broome and walked out of the Arrivals Terminal (if you could call it that) I found the rest of the airport was also like no other I'd ever been to. Low buildings which looked more like houses surrounded the small carpark and palm trees and tropical plants were dotted around.
The airport exhibits what I later learned to be a sort of 'Broome style' of architecture with louver windows, shutters and lots of lattice. Possibly too much lattice.

Upon my departure, I learned that the inside is even stranger. The departures area is below. The main section is pretty much open air with a central lattice roof. There is a fountain in the centre and more tropical plants.

Of course, in true Broome style, there is a souvenir shop - just in case you haven't had enough of them!
The central part would be hell during the wet, so there are airconditioned lounges. If I remember correctly, these featured benches not unlike garden benches! Again, there were louvered windows (very useful when you have aircon), and also open doors.

Between the lounge and the tarmac were beautiful lily ponds and tropical plants

I guess the airport is your final reminder that Broome is a world of it's own!