Thursday, August 21, 2008

Duckies :(

On my lunch-break today (working in the city) I came across these ducklings, going for a walk. Their mum wasn't in sight. I don't know how they found themselves here - between a busy road and an embankment up to the railway line. Myself and another girl on her lunch-break watched them as they got closer to an intersection while we hopelessly tried to find the number for directory assist, so we could get the number for the RSPCA.

Fortunately we were joined by 3 clever women who worked in a building opposite. They brought 40Lt containers to try to catch them in (I had tried, but was unsure how I could fit all 6 in my handbag and make it to a park!). I was the first to catch one with my hands (much harder than you would think, and struggled to hold on before getting it into a container. Four others were trapped by four of us at once using the container, lid and two coats. The last one made it's escape, climbing up the rocks. I followed it, only to chase it toward the railway line! We ended up coaxing it away from there by taking up the box with it's sibling inside and I caught it in my coat!

Quite an exhausting escapade for a lunch break!


Sueblimely said...

Well done, I am sure the ducklings would have come to a nasty end if you had not saved them.