Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome (back) to Perth

Sorry for the silence - Arrived back in Perth a few weeks back and had to move into a new house and start work the next day. Still haven't unpacked my suitcase, let alone the boxes because I have no space.

I have been working in West Perth in an office instead of doing obs at the airport. It's a change of pace starting work after 8am and only working 7.5 hours instead of 12.

Today is my last day here as I am back at the airport on Monday. Yesterday I mastered the public transport system. Yes, it took a while. I'll save you from my rant about my experiences and jsut say that Perth's PT system is not great. There is are free bus services that run around the centre of town. In theory this is a great, convinient idea. It would be great if you could actually fit on a bus. The mornings are especially bad and I have only managed this once in 2 weeks.

Anyway, the main thing I wanted to say is that Perth is one of the strangest cities I have been to!

I have done some walking around West Perth and noticed that there is a very odd mix of buildings. You would expect to be surrounded wtih high rise office buildings in this business district, but there is a bizzar mix of office buildings and old houses and other buildings. Some of the latter have been converted to offices/consultancy suites or appartments or are possibly still residences.

Here is one of said houses wedged between two office blocks and is headquarters of some consultancy company.

Here are some other examples:

It's good that they have kept the older buildings, but it looks very strange.

I plan to learn about Perth architecture, so stay tune for more!