Tuesday, April 28, 2009

emu encounters

<--Emu in main street of Denham

Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of emus. I have a memory from childhood going into the bush to show my Nana from England some wildlife and having the car surrounded by inquisitive emus as we tried to get out.

I haven't had anything to do with emus since then aside from seeing them at Healsville Sanctuary and keeping my distance! Until now.

The Monkey Mia emus, like the pelicans (will post on them later) are a bit jealous of the attention (and food) the dolphins get, so have no qualms harassing tourists as they are enjoying a rest on the lawn (and getting sunburned as I later found out).

Being city girls, it was quite a thrill to see them walking around the streets of Denham and the resort at M.M. But then they started to get a little too friendly!
Sandy trying to save her drink bottle (and self) from nosy emu

She must have jumped so high that she lost both her drink bottle and hat!
Now I've been spotted!
Turns out they eat the berries that fall off the palm tree we were reclining under. But I think they were also checking out if we had something better. Did give me a good chance to get some close ups despite the animal growling at me.

Then they decided we didn't have anything they wanted, and headed to the cafe.


JSK said...

I really enjoy your posts. This one reminds me of a trip my husband and I took through western New South Wales in 1979. We had traveled all morning without seeing any wild life. We stopped at an area with picnic tables and shade - an oasis in the otherwise hot and dry area. As soon as we stopped but before we could open the doors emus appeared from nowhere and surrounded the car, trying to poke their heads through the partly opened windows in search of treats.

So much for a picnic. We ate in the car. :-)

Jayne said...

Love those photos :)

Sueblimely said...

I am not sure I have got over that experience of the emus yet! You were always so curious of the animals but the emus towered over you. I think my most horrific memory is of the time the caged Cockatoo grabbed your finger which was resting on the side of the cage. It just would not let go - I can still remember your screams.

The time I whacked the golf ball into your brother's forehead is a close contender for most horrific though.