Sunday, April 5, 2009


This is a Pinnacle. I think it looks like a warthog.

The Pinnacles Desert is made up of hundreds of these limestone rocks varying in size (see below). It is 245km north of Perth in the Nambung NP near Cervantes.

You can walk around and through them on a somewhat marked trail, or drive in a circular loop. Given we had been sitting in the car for 3+ hours, we opted for the walk and were joined by 100s of flies. Some friends of mine admitted to doing the drive and hitting a pinnacle (a little one) in their hire car!

My German housemates came here for the day when I was sleeping between nightshifts (the only considerate thing they did for me) and complained it was just a lot of rocks. Unfortunately I had to agree with them. I was disappointed with the size of them and that you couldn't get a good view of the whole area. Later in our stinking-hot-fly-infested walk, we found some bigger ones, and took silly pictures to keep us amused.

I was hoping to 'see' more things in the rocks, like the warthog above (which I only discovered when browsing my photos), but aside from some phalic like shapes, there was nothing. Nothing but a long, hot detour.

Proof that I am taller than Sandy.


Sueblimely said...

Will make sure we do not bother to do a detour to see the Pinnacles when we visit your way - although the taller ones are cool.

Jayne said...

They are brilliant rock formations :)

Ma said...

How cool!