Saturday, May 30, 2009

Anticipating rain

Last week rain was finally on the forecast. With a front heading toward us from the south west, our dry spell was set to end. Kalbarri had had over 170 days without rain - a record. Here in Gero we were having the driest start to a year. Farmers had been putting their seed down the week before, hoping rain was on its way.

The clouds started building on Wednesday with the first falls arriving Thursday morning around 6am with wild winds and large ocean swells.

I went to Point Moore on the Wednesday afternoon to see the clouds build and hoping to feel a few drops of rain.

The air was heavy with nervous anticipation and excitment - the feeling that something different was on its way to end the sameness of the beautiful fine weather.

You know you're in WA when you see cars parked on a beautiful beach!