Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome aboard...or offboard

This is the Sun Princess cruise ship. I had 2 people from this ship on our Island tour. There are 1900 people on board, which is by no means capacity. The average age of people on board is 77, and there are about 10 people under 18. The couple I met were in their 40s and had sailed from Sydney on an 18 day cruise, ending in Freo the next day. I think they were kind of looking forward to it finishing.

The husband was frustrated because WA gaming laws prohibit gambling at sea or something like that, so the casino had been closed since they left Darwin. There was also no Bingo allowed because of the cash prizes which is probably why the complaining old people were getting on the wive's nerves. Bet the cruise ship companies hate it too because it robs them of the chance of robbing more money off the people trapped on the boat!

The red boats you can see entering the new marina are the tenders which bring the passangers from the ship when it cannot fit in the port!

The couple were saying that the towns in WA they stopped at gave them a great reception. Gero puts on a market at the pier for them. In Broome, the council sends out a warning to all the businesses, including the met office when a ship is about to arrive, so they can prepare for an influx of customers.


Jayne said...

I love the fact the council has to warn the businesses when the ships come in!