Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Andrea is...plane spotting

Andrea is...plane spotting

Moon setting over private jet (rumoured to be James Packer's)

On final approach: QANTAS 737 (The largest aircraft we get at Broome)

Broome airport is right in the middle of town. Great for getting to work, but pretty noisy with planes coming in and out over the town and Cable Beach.

[This strange roof is that of a drive thru bottle shop (aka liquor store). I was taking photos of the bottle shop (hear me out...) because when my friend Ang from Canada was in Oz, she was intrigued by the concept of 'drive thru' booze because I think in Canada they are not allowed alcohol in their cars whether open or sealed. So we visited a number of bottle shop drive thrus in Perth and Margs. And so, I was taking this pic for her because it has a huge imitation-Chinese roof (more about the Chinese stuff later) making it by far the fanciest bottle-o I've seen.]


Jayne said...

That's odd to have the airport right in the middle of town! Then again, new residents can't complain about the noise and ask the flight path to be shifted while claiming they didn't know how bad it would be before they bought their house like they do in Melb/Syd lol!