Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Andrea is...chasing things!

I have been able to see a number of creatures around Broome (and have smelt the croc farm - no thanks!), especially at work. We are visited by wallabies who knock over our ground thermometres, have geckos inside one shed, and always have kites flying above us. Plus plenty of bugs and the mouse in the kitchen. Here's a sample of some creatures I have (and haven't) been able catch on camera:

snake trails - there are new ones everyday, but I'm yet to see a snake
Mr Crab at Reddells Beach

Intriguing: road-train of caterpillers...?
<--slimy shell
....and of course:frogs!!-->


Jayne said...

Great photos :)
That frog is just so GREEN it looks like a Disney creation lol.