Friday, May 16, 2008


Andrea is...meant to be doing a radio broadcast in 6 minutes...make that 3!

As previously mentioned, I am a weather observer. So I talk a lot of weather. On the radio, to people who come in to the office or phone up, to fellow observers, to the weird drunk guy from Northam who would phone me at Perth airport and asked to marry him (!). And also to anyone (probably everyone) who finds out what I do for a living.

Last year I trained with the Bureau of Met in Melbourne. There were 18 of us on the course and we got on really well. Probably because we were all obsessed with weather. Although the course was full on and stressful, it was fantastic to spend time and work with this awesome and diverse group of people. My only regret was not having gone to the pub enough together.

Now we are spread all over Australia and Australian territories (points to those who DON’T work for the BoM and can find these places on a map):
Brisbane, Longreach, Mt Isa, Charleville, Cobar, Moree, Rockhampton, Townsville, Darwin, Alice, Gove, Broome, Perth, Esperance, Eucla, Kalgoorlie, Ceduna, Adelaide, Willis Island, Macquarie Island…oh and Melbourne (traitor!). Have I missed any?

Almost all of us move around our respective states, filling in where we are needed. Hence the long list of locations.

As I am expecting that the most likely people to have the time to read this blog are my fellow Observers, I may revert to Wx (aka weather) talk and abbreviations/references/in jokes/bitching/scuttlebutt/acronyms and the like. Please ask me for an explanation if you want a translation!


Jayne said...

Tell us more about the course!
What pre-requisites did you have to have, what's your fav area that you've worked in, how long was the course and I hope you didn't frequent the Young and Jackson's pub too much in Melb lol ;)