Thursday, May 29, 2008

Andrea is...feeling much more alive now.

I struggled to get out of bed this morning at 4.30am. I sacrificed having a shower for snuggle time with the dog, further dozing and procrastination, getting up 10 minutes before I had to leave.

Despite a pot of coffee at work (Grinders coffee in plunger) and breakfast, I was still half asleep at 10am when I headed into town to put the day’s forecasts up on the noticeboard at Coles. Being able to leave the station during shift is a huge privilege which not many (if any) other stations get to enjoy. It means riding to Paspaley Plaza in ‘Chinatown’ (the main
shopping precinct in Broome) which is about 10-15mins away. The temperature always likes to jump to 31 degrees at this time, but it’s usually not too bad. There is a flat of mangroves between the airport and the plaza, and it is endlessly frustrating to see the shops right ahead of you, but having to cycle all the way around.

I stopped at the café in the shopping centre because I couldn’t be bothered riding an extra half a block to another which I wanted to try out. Echo’s Café, doesn’t look impressive, but uses Grinders coffee and actually has a good selection of food, snacks and cakes. All expensive ($12 for foccacia), but this is Broome. My skinny mocha was $4.20 which is 40c cheaper than Henry’s across the road, and service the service was about 5 times faster. It wasn’t as good as my first Henry’s coffee, but it was better than the others I’d had there. It was presented beautifully in a tall glass and with plenty of chocolate and not too much milk – just the way I like it. I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be back there.


Jayne said...

Haven't heard of Grinder's coffee here in Vic but I'm not a coffee drinker so I'm probably just showing my caffeine ignorance again ;)