Thursday, May 29, 2008

"It's going to be a fine day..." slap

Andrea is...being eaten alive

What is with the mosquitoes up here???
They are driving me mad!

They are always inside the office at daybreak, swarming around me as I do my radio crosses. They then follow me out to the balloon shed where they taunt me as I have my hands full, tying off the balloon. Then they seem to go. But today they haven't left!
They are bad again at dusk and set upon me as I am trying to get on my bike after work. Often I am forced to give up trying to put on my helmet and just run with the bike out of the carport to safety.

They seem to be worse at work than elsewhere, but I am being told that they are not usually this bad. When I arrived, the excuse was that the 9m high tide was bringing them out. Now there is no excuse.
So I just have to slap on some more tropical strength Aerogard and do some more swatting!


Jayne said...

When living in Perth my aunt's solution was to smother herself in mud...but this only looked good while she was prawning ;)

Sueblimely said...

Lol, why not try the mud - wash it off at lunchtime when you head into town though or you may scare people. It probably does wonders for the complexion.