Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bug yoga

Andrea is...itchy

I accompanied Rachel (with whom I am living) to her yoga class last night. It is held in a classroom at a primary school and was unusually full. We squished our mats together and tried not to hit each other when we had to spread our arms.

This must be yoga Broome style - small classroom with fans going, doors open and bugs! Amazingly there weren't any mozzies buzzing around while we were doing our stand on one leg, hands in the air poses. That could have been disastrous.

I watched as one ant-like bug with wings and a stinger wandering around the room. It decided to crawl on me while I was lying on the floor in some stretch. I flicked it off and injured it, hoping no one had seen me perform such a non nature-loving act during a yoga class. But it got up and proceeded to crawl on me while my head was turned away. Payback I guess.

Then in the meditation/relaxation part at the end I was attacked. I don't know if there was just one bug or many, or if my mind was playing tricks on me, but swatting bugs while you are not supposed to move kind of ruins the moment! I forget what the instructor wanted us to focus on during this time, but all I could do was feel the bugs and listen to the fan squeaking above me, the bug chorus outside, and some one so relaxed that I'm sure they were snoring.

Maybe yoga, Broome-style is not for me!