Friday, June 6, 2008

Obs communication

Andrea is...feeling cold

Observer communication:
Note from observer to his partner reads: "I expect ground temperature at 12 Mile will be around 6 degrees"

Translation: It'll be a cold night camping, pack some warm clothes!
They are camping at a friend's place tonight at 12 Mile which is a community, you guessed it, 12 miles from Broome. Glad I'm not going - Temp at 6pm - 19deg. Probably doesn't sound that bad to most of you, but it's usually at least 25 at that time! In fact, today only got to around 23 degrees, and that was at midnight!

So yes, the rain and cloud appeared from no where, turning the sky to a dull grey, as well as the moods of the tourists! Not enough has fallen to even register in the rain gauge, so we've probably had less than 0.2mm. Just a bit of drizzle and a few drops here and there.

The weather is coming from a north-west cloud band, which will hopefully bring some rainfall to the east coast


Jayne said...

I think we've had 3 whole drops of rain here lol.

Sueblimely said...

We had quite a downpour in Mt Martha but it did not last long.