Sunday, June 8, 2008

12 Mile

This sat pic is of 12mile. The market garden community outside of Broome. Looks pretty weird, the 3 streets amongst all the scrub. We know some people with an small organic farm here who are struggling to build a cafe on their property. With no other facilities around and tourists a plenty going down this road, they're sure it will be a hit. Now to convince the bank to give them money for the kitchen...They are so close to finishing and done most of the work themselves, so I hope it works out for them.

The block behind theirs is for sale. They told us that this is the third time it has been on the market in recent times, the asking price almost doubling each time! This time it's going for $899,000. It's described as a 'rustic tropical hideaway', and the 1920's cottage is a 'tranquil property set on 5 acres of red dirt'. Hmm appealing. The block does seem quite green though. The 'cottage' has 1 bedroom and 'an adjoining bathroom and laundry' whatever that means.

If you can zoom in on the sat pic, you can see dense growths of mango plantations. Some of them are planted so close together that no light reaches the ground through the canopy.


nomesquelife said...

Ha - I know what 'adjoining bathroom and laundry' means, I think. Same as it did for the house I grew up in - "We couldn't be bothered adding plumbing to the house, you won't mind braving the snakes and spiders to get to the loo in such a rustic (nothing for bloody miles, rundown and needing a total rebuild) hideaway (no views), will you?"

Whoops, is my cynical streak showing? *lol*