Saturday, June 14, 2008

On the road

Last week, after working the usual 3 days over the weekend, I realised I really needed to get out of Broome before I went mad. So Rachel, Oscar, Amos and I took the 4WD for a spin up to a place called Quandong.
<-- Barred Creek -->

The first stop was the stunning Barred Creek, which was much bigger than I expected. It was a beautiful colour, lined with mangroves and apparantly filled with crocs (sadly I didn't see any!)

We decided to attempt the tracks from Barred Creek to
Quandong, but as both Rachel and I are directionally challenged, and hadn't brought a map, we soon headed back to the main road. This was much bumpier but also much wider.
<--4WD tracks-->

Arriving at Quandong, we found quite a number of camper vans. There were a few small groups of people around, making the beach
busier than Reddell's in Broome. It seems people come up here to 'get away' (it's only an hour away), but everyone has had the same idea. Wouldn't like to try coming here on a long weekend!

<-- If you look closely, you can see Amos tearing along Quandong Beach.

Quandong is lovely, and I just can't get enough of white sand and expanses of the blue sky and crystal clear ocean. The red dirt track and bush on the way up are even nice. I thought I would be over the red red dirt, but I still love it.
And I will be reminded of it ever more by my once-white sneakers!