Friday, June 27, 2008

Andrea is...brain dead

After another nothing day at work, it is my long weekend off.

Sadly it's Friday night and I am home alone (with the dog, but he's gone to bed already). The family is out with their friends and consequently I have no dinner.

Last Friday night...more about that another time. It's an interesting story.

The good thing about working in Broome (compared to Perth airport) is that I don't have to work night shifts. This has helped a lot with the insomnia. BUT I start work at 0530 (as opposed to 0630) at Perth, and it's killing me.

One good thing is that I live with a 4 year old who has to go to bed between 7 and 8 pm. This was similar in the last house I stayed in (Paul, Alison and 2 yo daughter Rebekah). It gives you a good excuse to go to bed early (as opposed to living with 3 drunkard Germans), but also makes 8.30pm feel REALLY late. Does anyone else experience this?

So it's 7:42pm WST (or 1942WST/1142UTC) and I'm contemplating bed. Even though the 4yo isn't home. I don't think the beer helped! Please keep in mind I have worked almost 60 hours in the last 7 days!

What was I wanting to talk about...yes, the walls (!) The walls in this house make noises. I am assured that it is because 'monitors' live in them. Please tell me that monitors are lizards. Because I am not sure, and too embarrassed to ask Rachel who has a biol degree.

Also, if anyone is still reading, are my pics too small? Would you prefer larger ones?
I am have been having this debate with my mother who is a blog/net guru. I am trying to be considerate to people (like myself) who have slow net connections/limited downloads. So I would be interested in your opinions.

The pic above (probably quite small as it is cropped)is of a kite sitting on our wind vane during some grey weather a few weeks ago. It sat there for ages and then moved to our other one. We couldn't determine whether it was effecting our wind readings, but it probably was.

Next I'll have to get a pic of the stupid bird who likes riding on the radar as it turns around. No children for you, birdy!


Pilgrim Penguin said...

picture sizes are working for me : )

Sueblimely said...

One way you could maintain the same page loading speed while posting images that are say twice as big - dimension wise - is to not publish so many posts on the first page. You could go for 6 posts rather than 10 for example.

It would also save you time uploading images if you reduced the size of the original. I believe blogger has a limit on the amount you can upload too so you have to take care not to run out.

Mig said...

Nope, blogger doesn't really have a limit, at least not to my knowledge. Google and enjoy being fed with content anyway, so don't worry about that. But your mother is right: larger images, of course if they made sense in the blog entry, have obvious advantages. One of these is more "stumble karma" - StumbleUpon users like images and this means more traffic for you.

What I do with images on my blogs... I usually decide on a standard size for all (pixels)and then I take care to save them at an acceptable file size.

Sueblimely said...

Good point Mig. Come join us on Stumbleupon You can guess what my nickname will be - predictable aren't I - maybe you should not answer that :-)

Sueblimely said...

I thought I had read something about storage limits: -
"The number of Blogger photos you can upload is determined by your web albums storage level. In order to see the changes reflect in Blogger, you'll need to login to with your Google blog account username and password.

Make sure you're on the "My Photos" page (this should be the first page that appears to display your albums). Your storage information appears in green beneath your albums at the bottom of this page."

archiearchive said...

I tend to use the "Save As" facility and adjust the quality of the image. While 50% quality does show some degradation, around 75% it is virtually unnoticeable. (I use either Photoshop7 or Irfanview for this - irfanview seems to change the style of .jpg file and can give quite a small file (around 20-50b for a 470x300 image). As for size, my blog limits me to 470 pixels width so if it is a photo I really want to show off, I do a link to a larger version in Photobucket.

As for the monitors in the walls - yep, they are lizards but I think they may actually be geckoes, another lizard - a mosquito eating lizard. In Broome (anywhere in the NorWest) Geckoes are your friend :)