Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back at work this weekend. I didn’t do much on my days off. I didn’t go to the beach, so I feel quite unfulfilled.

I worked on a handbag using stunning orange silk brocade and realised how difficult working with silk is. I have done 3 days work on this bag which should have taken 1-2 days and it is driving me insane! Took some pics of my other bags (above) to put on ebay.

I have had an order for a bag put in by a friend which is exciting!

I spent the week looking forward to this weekend as the family I live with were going camping which meant I could have the house to myself (after work of course), the possibility of bringing the dog to work, and having a break from KIDS!! But Jenner, while playing soccer, tore a hamstring (he had two other injuries last week) and so the camping trip is off for 2 weeks. No peace for me!!!