Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to the beach

I haven't been to Cable Beach for a while since discovering Reddells and other dog beaches. As it turns out, further down Cable Beach from the $5/hour umbrellas and lobster coloured tourists, there is a dog beach. You have to park on the side of the new main road that skirts around the town to the port and follow a path to the dunes. Then you have to climb over the dunes. By the time you reach the water (low tide, so quite a hike) you really need a dip to cool off! The dunes are stunning and this part of the Beach is much nicer. I don't think we saw anyone else in our time there! We had hundreds of metres of sand to ourselves. Amos had a bit more of a swim and also clung to me for dear life when I'd pick him up to give him a break and let him catch his breath.

The following day I went back to Cable Beach, but much further down, near Gantheaume Point (I'll put up a map one day!) where there is mooring for boats. Dogs are also allowed here, but so are cars unfortunately so it turns into a big parking lot for the weekend boaters. It's a real shame because turtles nest on this beach, but there are no signs up warning of this.

I was here to go sailing (!) which I haven't done before. I was going on a 'Hobie cat' which can fit 3 people on its trampoline surface. They are the type that you harness on to and lean out the side to increase speed. Luckily we didn't have to do that!

It was a fairly nice ride, although the wind did stop at one stage so we were stuck drifting with the current. We stuck our heads over the side and could see a bit of reef and rocks on the bottom. We saw one or two fish but that was it. I started getting sea sick then but was able to lie down until we found some wind and got back to shore.

I left Amos with someone on the beach, and when he found I was gone, he went and waited under Wendy's car until we came back! I guess he figured we wouldn't forget him then!


Jayne said...

Niiiiiice :)
Sounds like a great time on the Hobie Cat.

Sueblimely said...

What wonderful clear clean beaches and sea.