Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One-stop shop

This is Wing's. Perhaps it should be called a 'variety' store (but then it might get confused with Fong's which sells food, kitchen and camping stuff, shoes and souvenirs).

Where else but Wing's can you get a Chinese meal while on the internet and looking at art and buying cheap imported Chinese handbags and jewelry?

And then next door there is this sign:
Now that would be a good combination in one store (they are actually 3 separate stores so it's not as exciting)
And then there is "Streeter's". This business dates back to the late 1880's, operating as a general store, butchers and later also as a petrol station. These days one part of the store is Mitre 10 hardware and the other part is a newsagents plus fabric/sewing store. It also sells t-shirts and other souvenirs (must be a requisite of stores here).