Thursday, June 12, 2008

Planning ahead

This is a sign on the road into Broome. I tried to access the 'Liquor Accord' policy statement, but it didn't work. I've even tried to Google it, but have come up with nothing.
A sign in one of the many bottleshops in Broome talked about limits of 2 cask wines (aka goon) per person per day, only serving people a certain number of times per day and refusing service to intoxicated people and those believed to be buying for others.
Yet while I was there, I saw someone purchase 2 casks of goon, 2 6-packs of something, and a bottle of vodka. Ok, so the bans must just be for those who can't afford/don't want to drink anything but goon.
What do they mean by 'please plan ahead'? BYO perhaps? Or know where all the liquor stores are and hit each of them (I can think of 7 off the top of my head).
Also note the winnebago in the background. Just one of many.