Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Andrea is...sick of the phone

I just had the strangest query. A guy just walked in and asked if I'd been on the radio yesterday. I hadn't because it was my day off, so Jenner was on. He said he knew there was a "girl working here'' (not from listening to the radio yesterday I hope, unless Jenner has a very feminine voice!) and wondered if it was Amy. She's at Port Headland, last I heard. I told him that and he departed without a goodbye.

I got a phone call today asking for a prices for flights. I don't know where people find this number, but this is at least the third call I've had from people thinking we are the airport or an airline. I've had a few people asking for prices, some asking when a plane is arriving and another asking if his plane would be delayed. Very strange. When I tell them we are not Qantas/the airport, they get huffy and want me to transfer them to the right number. When I say I cannot do that, they ask for the number. Today a lady asked for flights to Darwin and when I said we were the weather office, she wanted the 'right number'. I didn't even know who she was trying to call! They get really huffy when I tell them I can't help them, and no I don't have the number they want. Do I sound like directory assistance??

Or maybe I should start a travel agency from this office and take a commission!


Matt D said...

Next time you should just mess with them and give them the number for Ansett or some airline in Mexico.