Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy bird

A while back I went to the exhibition opening at Broome Factory (art gallery) of Hiromi Ashlin's 'Happy Bird'.

Hiromi is a local artist who originates from Japan. I had already met her at the Broome Courthouse Markets where she sells her stunning earrings and pendants which are made of Japanese Wa-shi origami papers. I love Japanese designs, fabrics, papers etc, so I had to get some!

Her other artwork is also made of Wa-shi papers, and her exhibition consisted of probably millions of paper cranes! Some were all one colour (see photo below) and others used the brightly decorated paper which she uses in her jewelery. As well as cranes, there were origami boats and boxes, most of which were max 1-2cm in size.

Everyone at the opening was blown away and moved by her work, it wasn't just me. All but a few of her larger works were sold on the night!


Jayne said...

They're beautiful!
Thanks for sharing them :)