Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well I think it's winter. Felt icy this morning, temps down to 9 degrees (warm for some, I know). Friday and Saturday mornings we had serious fog.
<--looking out to instruments 20m away

Riding to work on Sat was a challenge as vis was down to about 15 metres. I knew the main road was ahead of me...somewhere. My light just reflected off the fog and didn't really help. The worst bit was when I got on the road to the office (which I almost missed!) which has no lighting at all. It winds around and there are huge pot-holes. At least you can tell when you are going off the road because the gravel and sand slows you down.
new building-->

I was very lucky to have the fog clear in time for my 7.15am balloon release. I have to be able to see the balloon to direct the radar at it. The balloon is white, so fog is bad. But someone was looking out for me (and some of the planes) because the fog cleared around the airport when I needed it to, and then came back in a few hours later.

The picture to the left shows the side of the fog bank. It was like this all around. Especially over Cable Beach.

I watched it on the webcam they have there. I had cafe owners calling to ask when it was going to clear (being clear at the station at the time, this was amusing).

At least I had some weather to report for once.