Sunday, July 20, 2008

The End is Nigh

The time for my departure from Broome is fast aproaching.

My last shift here is in two Sundays time, and I fly back to Perth the following day. I will then be working in the office in the city (ie not observing).

So unless I find something interesting in Perth, I will be posting a lot less, otherwise all I will be writing is 'I'm boooorrrreeeeddd!'. I have only been into the city twice for leisure and once for work, so I should really do some exploring there.

It took me more than 6 months to begin to like living in Perth, and less than 2 weeks up here to forget that fact. So I guess I have to learn it again. I will be living in a new house, so hopefully that will help.

Good things about going back to Perth:
  • seeing my friends who have just moved there
  • seeing other friends
  • trying the coffee at Epic in the city
  • cheap(er) takeaways
  • Falafel souvlakis in Freo
  • Having my stuff (though not looking forward in moving it out of storage into the new place which will be smaller)
  • Visiting the new patchwork store near my old house which opened while I was away
  • Going back to Melbourne for a few days
It's going to be pretty cold for me down there, so I'm planning on wearing ALL my clothes at once until I get the rest out of storage and find them. And I'll have to buy some 'office worker' clothes, grrrr.


BGSydneyside said...

Been really enjoying your insights on Broom, look forward to hearing your perspective on Perth too!

Jayne said...

I lived in Freo a while ago, so I'll enjoy reading your observations on how the old town has changed ;)

UltraViolet said...

I only visited Freo twice while I was living there before. Parking is horrific! There's one towering carpark, but the car spaces are so small!

Have a friend living near there now, so may visit more often!