Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How green??

Today on local ABC radio, Brekie host Ben was promoting the new initiative by ABC called 'green at work'. The website has lots of energy saving tips and advice from the 'Green Guru' about cleaning toilets (among other things).

There is also a quiz game on there which asks you to rank 5 energy-saving methods in order of effectiveness. I can't load the game on my PC, but Ben made me his 'first victim' playing it over the radio.

It has jungle-like noises in the background (which made Ben very hard to hear over the phone), and ends with a picture of the world and how much you saved it. I got 3/5, so the grass was green, but the butterflies were killed by lightning.

I'd like to know how you go (if you can make it load up!)

Ben only got 1/5. He also tested other people on the show (rural reporter, other presenters, the Green Guru herself) and got people to text in what they got. Because I scored 'high' my name got banded around a bit because after every news update/other report, he'd explain what he was doing and what scores people got. So 'Andrea from the Weather Bureau' got mentioned a lot! It gave me incentive to keep listening while I was working!

The Green Guru got 3/5 too (even though she wrote it!), and another radio presenter managed to get 5/5, so good on her!

Check it out here:


Sueblimely said...

Well done Andrea - of course it was your mum that taught you to be so energy conscious - cough. We are getting very good at turning lights off around the house lately though.