Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hard at work

Andrea work with Amos
Yes, I have brought Amos to work with me. It is Sunday, so I am on my own, and the family I live with is away so he has no company at home.
He is very good at running along side my bike now which attracts a lot of attention and smiles. He was so excited to be coming this morning (at 5am!) that he pulled the bike half the way! I was hoping this would exhaust him, but no such luck.
He hasn't been much help at work, although I did notice shallow fog (MIFG) at the station while looking for where he was. So that's something.
This afternoon, after a ride to town and back, he has been napping. Partly because I'm boring (ie won't throw his toy/chase him around constantly) and partly because he's a Cavalier and that's what they do.


Sueblimely said...

What is it with our animals and technology? Remember Pearl's fascination with watching the printer. That was after she was too big to sleep in the paper tray.

Amos is still sooo cute. I would love to see him running beside your bike :-)