Friday, July 11, 2008


No, the sharks aren't here fortunately...They're in NSW. Specifically in Tuggerah Lake on the Central coast and Cronulla.

According to the SMH, a 1 metre long shark was found swimming in Cronulla Baths. They assume it got in with a very high tide.

"The funny thing was there were people in the pool this morning and the shark must have come in overnight," Ms Cole said
Yeah, I bet the people swimming thought it was really funny.

The other shark is now an 'alleged' one, rumoured to be a 7m long white pointer in an estuary. A fisherman said he'd netted it while fishing. Since when are fishermen reputable witnesses?? The SMH thought he was earlier this week when they ran with the story. The lake is not very large or deep and apparently the entrance to the ocean can be walked across. So they are beginning to doubt the white pointer story, although according to Tooronga Zoo, if anything it could be a 2-3m bull shark. But when else would they be able to run with the title "Lake shark report might be flaky"