Friday, July 11, 2008


The snakes are here...well in Broome at least.

Not at my office though.

The Department of Environment and Conservation are running a number of activities during the school holidays. I got really excited til I remembered it was for the kids. No, more to the point, an adult needs a kid to go along with. Unfortunately I couldn't recruit any kids for origami because they are a bit young for it.

But snakes...that's another matter. I took/borrowed Oscar, the 4 year old I live with, and offered to take his friend too, but the friend's mum was eager to come. So we all went, along with about 60 other people!

There were 4 pythons ranging from a 1-2m long Children's python to a many-metres long one. The pictures are of me with the largest. At one point there were 6 adults lined up holding it - it is that long! It seemed to like this other girl, winding itself around her middle and shoulders and pulling us closer together.

The kids loved it and it was absolute chaos with the snakes passed from person to person. Oscar was more interested in the water cooler, so that kept him amused while I played.


Jayne said...

LOL Great pics!
I like those sort of snakes....sometimes ;)

Sueblimely said...

You are braver than your mother - I cannot hack snakes - would have to have been origami or nothing for me :-)