Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a busy day! It's all happening here!

Firstly the new radar was hoisted up on top of what had looked like a giant chimney, so I was running around trying to get photos in the early morning light while preparing my balloon. Unfortunately the computer decided to crash, so my balloon was late.

Then 7 microlights arrived at the airport. I am mates with the guy who flies them up here, Charles and he told me they were coming. Actually, I'd been communicating with one of them for a few days through their blog. They were stuck in Pardoo for a number of days thanks to strong winds. A few days late, but eventually they got here!

Another group of charity thrill-seekers, this lot are raising money for Leukemia Foundation UK and Royal Flying Docs by flying from Perth to Brisbane via Darwin.

Their website is here:

These are interesting contraptions, and I don't know anything about them. I have been in Charles' just taxiing from the terminal to his hangar/house and I found the motor very loud.

But not as loud as the BAE Hawks that have been taking off from Broome this morning!

And apparently and Antonov is arriving in the next few days to deliver a new helicopter. It's all happening at Broome Airport, folks (and Darwin, according to Rowland)


Jayne said...

It's a busy, happening place up your way, there !